In our latest installment of our WNY Wedding Professional Spotlight blog series, we sit down with two people who know how to host a great WNY wedding: Carey McCormick & Lindsey Gilels of Pearl Street Catering. They are responsible for the magic behind the great events at three different venues: Pearl Street Grill & Brewery, The Pearl at the Lafayette, and The Pearl at the Webb building. Read on to get some insight on what a day in their shoes is like!

Between your three locations, you must see an incredible amount of events. How do you manage it all?
Carey: We couldn’t do it unless we had a fabulous team in place, and we do! From the sales/office staff to the banquet managers to servers and bartenders, everyone’s detailed and personal attention helps every event to be a success.
Lindsey: It’s crazy, busy, and exciting! Ever since the Lafayette opened last May, I have been managing the events there most of the time. Our banquet captains and sales team works along with Carey to communicate as best we can via email and constant text messages. Technology has definitely made it easier for all of us to communicate and stay all on the same page. We all care so much about the events we put on, we work our hardest every single day.

What are the differences, that you see between the events held at Pearl Street Grill at the events held at Hotel Lafayette?
Carey: The differences are minimal, especially now that all of our locations offer boutique hotel rooms. We pride ourselves on consistency – from the quality of the food and drink to the service staff to the décor and ambiance. The differences we see really come down to the client’s personal tastes for the rooms and the event – after all, it is their vision that should shine through.
Lindsey: To me, the events at Pearl Street and The Lafayette are very similar. We make it our goal to make Pearl Street Grill and Brewery Catering consistent no matter what location your party is at. I truly believe we have achieved this at all of our locations!

Do you coordinate with event DJs before an event? How helpful is it to have a good working relationship with them?
Carey: It is so important to have a good relationship with event DJs – and every vendor for that matter. We coordinate timelines and setup beforehand either directly through the DJ or through the client. The better the coordination and communication, the better the event is for the client and their guests!
Lindsey: We communicate with DJs before events all the time! It’s VERY important to have a good relationship with them, they are a big part of an event! They set the mood and help us keep everything on track.

What’s your favorite part about the work that you do?
Carey: Honestly, it may sound corny but I Love meeting and planning with all of our clients – from the food to the décor and the details – and then seeing the whole event come together and truly reflect their personality and vision – it’s so gratifying. I also LOVE the hugs I get when a bride walks into her room and her eyes light up- that’s pretty cool too.
Lindsey: The part I love about planning and running events is the first time a client enters the room on the day of their party when it’s all set up. I love seeing how excited they are to relax and enjoy the event they worked so hard to put together and I love able to help them do that! I have just started planning and booking events in the past year so I really enjoy helping them bring their vision to life!

Bonus Question: When you’re a wedding guest, which song(s) bring you out onto the dance floor?
Carey: Wow, I haven’t been to a wedding in a while but I would have to say “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and “Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder.
Lindsey: My favorites are “Love Game” by Lady Gaga or “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen… you can always find me bopping around when those come on 

From reading these answers, you can tell that Carey and Lindsey clearly have a passion for the work they do – it definitely shines through. To learn more about Pearl Street Catering – check out their website!