This week in the third installment of our blog series spotlighting the great work of WNY wedding professionals, we chat with Beth Clark of Bridal Chateau, one of WNY’s premier wedding dress boutiques. Beth is the third woman in her family to run this 35-year WNY wedding gown tradition (originally started by her grandmother!), so she has a lot of valuable insight on what makes the perfect dress. Read on to learn more about the hard work and dedication needed to help you find that perfect gown.

How much time do you typically spend with brides before their wedding?

This can depend on each bride or how much or little they want us to get involved. We have customers who have specific needs or tastes that we will work with to either customize or find the perfect dress. Since we special-order and alter most of our gowns, we can be involved up to 2 or more years before a wedding. The saddest part is that we aren’t a “day of” vendor – we spend all of this time bringing a bride’s dream together, and then we don’t get to see them on the big day. We cherish the pictures our brides share with us after the wedding!

Is the term “Bridezilla” an urban legend, or do they really exist?

“Bridezilla” is a state of mind where a bride either gets overwhelmed with the planning details or she ends up focusing only on negative aspects of the wedding planning. It is easy for any bride to at least have a moment, but this is why it is so important to surround yourself with a group of people who will help you stay grounded and focused.

What is the toughest aspect of your business?

Probably marketing. Nowadays, you have to constantly be learning and trying out new things. With technology changing constantly and different avenues of marketing being created, it really keeps you on your toes!

How have the national bridal trends affected what happens here in the WNY region?

With the birth of all the wedding-related TV and social networking sites such as Pinterest and Facebook skyrocketing, we have seen Buffalo catch up with the rest of the nation on trends. While years ago we were anywhere from 1-2 years behind, we are now bringing in trends straight off the runways. It’s exciting!

Bonus Question: What’s your favorite song to dance to at a wedding?!

I’d have to say anything in the swing genre. It’s so fun to dance to!

It’s clearly an exciting time to be in the wedding business, and our conversation with Beth proves that Bridal Chateau is no exception. As a bride, all eyes are on you on your big day. To make sure that you have that perfect gown, make sure you’re working with a professional who knows what will work for you and your style. To learn more about Bridal Chateau or to make an appointment, you can contact them here.