What’s A Good Price?

Well folks we are in the middle of Bridal Show season and the deals are flying.  But are they really?

DJ companies will be spouting off about all the great packages they have put together just for you to save money.  The question is, are you really saving anything at all but more importantly are you sacrificing anything to get that great price?

Well here’s a fact that some people may not realize.  A company is in business to make money and not help subsidize your wedding.  If you think you are getting a great deal, you are probably paying for it one way or another.  For example you may be getting a great price on that photobooth add on but don’t realize that the DJ your are getting is making $15 per hour rather than a quality DJ who pulls down about $60 to $70 an hour.  When you are relying on entertaining your guests for 5 to 6 hours, that $15 DJ may not be what you were looking for.  Remember, the vendor can control the cost of what he’s selling you.  Ask for individual pricing before you grab the package deal.

We encourage everyone to shop around and don’t make a rash decision at a Bridal Show.  Investigate your vendors thoroughly.  Use client reviews, talk to other vendors and get references.  Entertainment is something you don’t want to screw up on your Special Day.  That great deal isn’t going to mean much if it wasn’t worth it.

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