Are you looking for a Buffalo wedding DJ that knows how to get the party going? You’ve come to the right place — because, at Signature Buffalo, we take fun very seriously. (Just kidding, we’ll be having a blast alongside you!)

When you think of the perfect wedding, there are a number of factors that make for a memorable experience. Delicious food, beautiful decor, a scenic venue — all are elements guests will remember for years to come.

But the true sign of an unforgettable wedding is an energetic dance floor! When amazing music is pumping and everyone’s having the time of their lives, that’s when you know you’ll send guests home with a lasting impression.

“Oh yes, the cake was delicious. But, don’t you remember when Jerry lit up the dance floor to ‘Single Ladies’!?”

Yep, without a doubt, the “vibe” is what matters most at a wedding. And who is in charge of creating the vibe and maintaining an upbeat atmosphere? Your wedding DJ, of course!

bride dancing in a crowd during her reception | Buffalo wedding DJ
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As you search for the perfect wedding DJ in Buffalo, consider these 7 important qualities to ensure your wedding day goes off without a hitch.

Timely responses

Responsiveness demonstrates a wedding DJ’s care for you and your celebration — and that goes for all vendors, for that matter! If someone makes you wait days before answering your questions, think about how frustrating that would be in the days leading up to your wedding. Select a Buffalo wedding DJ that puts you and your wedding first, prioritizing your needs and replying to you in a timely manner.

A great sense of humor

Have you ever been to a wedding that just felt…blah? The music was OK, but the energy just wasn’t there. When you pick a wedding DJ with a great sense of humor, you won’t have to worry about guests checking their watches or scheduling their Uber pickups. Instead, they’ll be fully engaged in the wedding experience thanks to a DJ who knows how to land jokes and keep the crowd smiling all night long.

Backup plans

Mother Nature is known for being unpredictable, so contingency plans have always been a smart move. (Ever see a wedding hit by lake effect? Not fun!) However, the past couple of years has shown us the importance of having backup plans to mitigate any kind of risk! Look for a wedding DJ in Buffalo who can confidently tell you their Plans B, C, and D when it comes to inclement weather, traffic delays, equipment malfunctions, and COVID or other illnesses. Planning will feel much easier (and less stressful) when you know your bases are covered.

A professional attitude

Yes, your wedding DJ should be fun and charismatic. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be professional as well! You want to book someone who can tell a silly joke one moment and tactfully deal with an inebriated guest the next. Professionalism is about how a DJ dresses, acts, and carries themselves with you, your guests, and your other vendors. Your wedding isn’t a fun party for them — it’s a job and they must treat it accordingly (even if it’s a fun job!).

Experience with weddings

It might seem like an obvious point, but you need a wedding DJ for your wedding. If you book a DJ known for packing nightclubs or massive dance halls, it might not be the vibe you want for your wedding. (Or maybe it is — that’s your choice!) At the same time, DJs who aren’t experienced in weddings will struggle to maintain the flow of the event. A great Buffalo wedding DJ will know how to transition from dinner to dancing, introduce VIPs for toasts, and keep your day-of timeline on track.

Ability to emcee

Many DJs also act as an emcee (or MC/master of ceremonies), facilitating the event’s flow and serving as the “host” for the celebration. This requires someone to know how to build energy in a room through conversation, no matter who is sitting in the audience. Find someone who can make your grandma and your nephew laugh at the same time! Booking a Buffalo wedding DJ that offers both services will save you from having to find someone else to step in as emcee.

Additional services

If you play your cards right, you can contract a number of services with your wedding DJ! Some entertainment companies offer additional elements to enhance your wedding reception, like lighting design or rental fixtures. Make sure to ask about packages that can save you money, as well as the headache of sourcing and booking another company.

Save yourself the trouble of interviewing countless DJs to find one who meets all of these qualities. (Trust me, you’ll just end up right back here.) Get in touch with us to start planning your Signature Buffalo wedding today!

DJ Mike Setlock believes the focus should be on the wedding couple and not the DJ. Your reception should be about having a fun time for you and your guests. This involves playing the perfect mix of songs that will fill the dance floor. Being a Buffalo wedding DJ is about creating memories and ambiance. Mike wants to create the perfect day. That’s why he only DJs at weddings. Working with couples to create the day they envisioned is something he strives for at every wedding. And it’s a personalization he provides all his couples again and again.