Remember these guys?


When this YouTube sensation first came out a few years ago, it changed the face of weddings as we know it. From this point on, many saw their wedding as a challenge to “go viral” – to plan an innovative element at their wedding, capture it on video, upload it to the internet, and watch it take the world by storm. This wedding entrance dance gained enormous popularity – national media attention and over 78 million views on YouTube – and was eventually turned into a charity, encouraging viewers to donate to victims of domestic violence. Not to mention the countless spinoffs, including this popular scene from the TV show “Glee” which featured a wedding entrance performance to a cover of a popular Bruno Mars song:


Now, some couples take it one step further – going viral even before the walk down the aisle. There are guys who have set the marriage proposal pretty high by creating elaborate (and entertaining) ways to ask the lucky ladies in their lives to marry them. Like this video below, which turns a beach party into a flash mob lip synching One Direction’s hit “One Thing” before leading the future bride to a romantic beachside proposal. Just try to see if you can watch it without crying!



Or…how about a wedding that literally comes out of nowhere? This next clip shows a flash mob wedding that sprung right out of a busy shopping mall full of holiday shoppers. Watch as a group of casual “strangers” break out into a chorus of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” while their friends walk down the (shopping) aisle!


You can’t argue with the fact that the internet has really brought out the creative side in people who are planning a wedding. If you are thinking of planning something like this for your own celebration (even on a much smaller scale) you don’t need to look much further than YouTube to find some great inspiration. So what are you waiting for – grab some friends, grab a camera, and get to work!