After the Cocktail Hour is complete, the Wedding Party Introductions are one of the most critical elements of the success of any wedding reception.  It is not only the time where guests are able to give the the entire Bridal Party an official formal and collective welcome.  It will create a wave of excitement and anticipation and set the tone for the fun to follow.  It is a key component to a successful event.

The song selections (Top 200) are critical.  They are not only exciting songs that get the guests pumped up, but are also a personal reflection of the Bride/Groom’s and their music tastes.  Although many couples choose three songs as listed below, it is not entirely wrong to have just one song for all or one song for the parents and bridal party and a separate song for the couple. Remember that the songs should create excitement and pop!

The three main songs selections (for each grouping) you will need to decide on are as follows:

Parents Entrance Song
Bridal Party Entrance Song
Bride/Groom Entrance Song

Note:  If you have a smaller bridal party you may want to choose just one song for the parents and bridal party and a separate song for your entrance.  Some couples choose just one song for everyone.  The choice is yours.

If you need some suggestions and assistance we are always available for advice.