Michelle & Ben were such an amazing couple. Super chill and relaxed but ready for a dancefloor party. Statler City Terrace Room is where the fun took place for this exciting evening of dining and dancing. The uplighting looked amazing and the crowd was super pumped. To kick things off after the 1st Dance, I loved how the Father /Daughter Dance & Mother/Son Dance were done in unison to “In My Life” by The Beatles. One of my favorite moments of the dancing part of the night was playing the “Shout” song followed by the “Buffalo Bills Shout Song”. The crowd was going crazy and vibe stayed strong right to the very last song of the evening. Big time thank you to Jacqueline Connor Photography for the amazing photos.

First Dance: Crazy Love- Van Morrison

Father/Daughter Dance: In My Life- The Beatles

Mother/Son Dance: In My Life- The Beatles