Wedding PlanningThe big proposal: it finally happened. You have been a couple for years now, and you knew from day one that you had found “The One”. You’ve merged schedules, social lives, even homes – and now you’re going to make it official. Finally, when nosy relatives ask for the millionth time, “When are you going to get married, already?!” you now have an answer for them – as soon as possible! In fact, you’d get married as soon as tomorrow if you could.

But wait – can you really throw together the wedding of your dreams in a matter of weeks, or even months? The most perfect wedding day requires the most sought-after vendors, but superior service is often in high demand and booking schedules reflect this. Reserving your DJ is a perfect example – and this choice could make the difference between your reception being a low-energy gathering or the party of the century. While most bridal magazines say DJs can be reserved at around 8 months prior to your wedding day, some brides who truly want certain DJs will book a year or even more in advance. Simply put, your wedding planning timetable could make all the difference.

High-demand vendors are high-demand for a reason. What else do you have to reserve months in advance? Check out this list:

12 months (or more) ahead of time: Book your reception and ceremony venues for a specific date – your wedding day! These fill up quickly because it is necessary to have a wedding date finalized before any other aspect of the day can be set in stone – including the DJ.

8 – 10 months: This is an important time where most of your vendors will be selected. Along with the DJ, contact potential caterers and photographers. Remember, the more in-demand vendors book more quickly so contact them ASAP if you have a preferred business in mind.

6 months: This is the best time to order your invitations, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding bands. Make sure to meet with the vendors you selected to talk about the details you want at your wedding.

4 months: The sweet side of planning: visit your bakery and order your cake.

2 months: Test out your style by getting hair and makeup trials done at the salon you selected.

Your wedding day: Relax and enjoy all of your hard work!

To make sure you have the wedding of your dreams, it is important to contact your vendors, especially your DJ, as soon as you have a wedding date in mind. Remember that some days are booked especially fair in advance, such as holiday weekends (Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc.) and unusual dates such as 12/12/12 when they fall on a weekend.  Armed with the right knowledge and enough time, you can be well on your way to a perfect wedding day!