The agreement of the Provider of performance is subject to detention by sickness, accident, act of God or conditions beyond the Provider’s control. If such an event prevents the Provider from performing, any payment made will immediately be refunded to the Purchaser and the Provider will have no further liability or responsibility under this contract.

  • Purchaser and Provider further agree that, except as provided in the paragraph above, this contract is not subject to cancellation unless both parties hereto have agreed to such cancellation in writing and such written cancellation is delivered to the Provider at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the event. The Purchaser also acknowledges that all deposits associated with this agreement are non-refundable.
  • For the true and faithful performance of all the covenants and agreements herein mentioned, the Purchaser and the Provider bind themselves each unto the other in the penal sum of the amount set forth in this Contract as liquidated damages to be paid by the failing party.
  • This instrument contains the entire agreement between the parties and no oral statements, promises or inducements made by any party hereto or agent or representative of either party hereto, which is not contained in this written contract, shall be valid or binding and this contract shall not be enlarged, modified, or altered except in writing, signed by the parties and endorsed herein.
  • The person executing this contract on behalf of each party represents and warrants that he or she is of legal age and has the authority to enter into this agreement. Should he or she not have such authority, he or she personally accepts and assumes full responsibility and liability for payment to the Provider under the terms of this contract.
  • Party of the second part shall be responsible for supervising behavior of people attending the performance. If guests’ behavior becomes intolerable, and after calling this to the attention of the party of the second part and said condition is not corrected, party of the first part has the right to end the performance without refund.
  • Costs of repair/replacement of equipment as a result of audience action is the responsibility of the Purchaser.
  • Purchaser and Provider agree that receipt of this signed contract and commencement of performance shall be confirmation of all terms of the contract and shall be binding on all parties.
  • Overtime will be billed out at $75 dollars per 30 minute increments, payable in cash to the onsite Provider, 30 minutes prior to the scheduled event end time and upon approval of the hosting venue.


If the Purchaser cancels the event for any reason deposits are non-refundable per Terms of Service. All payments made in addition to the deposit (not including the deposit) will be refunded provided that cancellation of the event by the Purchaser is submitted to the Provider in writing by midnight at least 14 days prior to the event. The Purchaser will forfeit all payments if the event is not cancelled within 14 days In the unlikely event that the Provider cannot provide the service for reasons stated in paragraph one of the Terms of Service, all payments will be refunded including the deposit. Please call our office at 716-684-9800 if you have any questions about our refund policy.