Western New York is a great place to get married. With top-notch reception venues and great photo opportunities such as Niagara Falls, it’s easy to create the wedding of your dreams – and there’s no shortage of great professionals who will help you each step of the way.  Today is the first entry in a new blog series which introduces you to these people behind the scenes of WNY’s best weddings.

Our first spotlight is on Tammy Lee-Papia, a Professional Bridal Consultant and owner of Heavenlee Weddings.  Tammy’s passion for style and attention to detail creates a uniquely customized and memorable event for each of her clients. Here’s her take on what life is like as a wedding planner:

What’s the relationship like between a wedding planner and a client?

Having a planner with a similar personality, style, and preferences is ideal in beginning any successful relationship. I strive to establish a personal connection with each of my clients which allows me to better interpret and execute their own unique vision.

Are your clients mostly local, or do some come from out-of town?

We find that our client base is 50% local and 50% out of town.

 What is the toughest aspect of your business?

The most challenging aspect of this business is assisting the couples through difficult personal situations that are usually related to family or friends. Sometimes it’s an overbearing mother who wants it her way, or a sister or friend who is insistent on making her opinion known. These scenarios are the cause of great stress on the couple and we carefully help them work through these issues so that the relationships can be preserved in the future.

 How does the DJ impact your work – do you communicate with each other throughout the event?

Every couple wants their stress reduced and a good party – the DJ’s role is critical in helping us make that happen! We coordinate with each other weeks before on what the schedule of events will be through the night, and then on the day of the wedding we are constantly communicating to orchestrate those details. The best chance for a successful event is having vendors that have a great working relationship with each other.

 Bonus Question: What’s your favorite reality TV guilty pleasure?!

My favorite guilty pleasure is not related to a certain reality TV show but what I do while watching it! I LOVE Lay’s chips and Bison French Onion dip…ALONE…all to myself! Then if there just happens to be a reality wedding show on well…LIFE IS GOOD!

 A true Western New Yorker at heart, it’s clear Tammy truly understands how to work hard to turn your wedding dreams into a reality. Just as making the right DJ selection ensures your guests have the time of their lives at your wedding, choosing a wedding planner ensures you will be able to relax and have fun just like everyone else. Remember, your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration- make it unforgettable!

(To learn more about Heavenlee Weddings and the work they do, get in touch with Tammy and her staff!)