It’s easy to select the perfect music for your Buffalo or Rochester wedding. Simply click the links below to find all the songs you love the most. These charts are compiled on a regular basis and are put together by surveys provided by national organizations that track playlist data across the country.

My music library contains songs to satisfy your every request, including ethnic and special traditional songs. For your wedding, we can cover any genre from the 1940s right up to today’s current hits. And if by some rare chance we don’t yet have your song, we will of course get it for you.

I know this list can appear overwhelming. I mean, after all, where do you start when you can have any song at all? That’s where I come in. My experience from radio to clubs to packing dance floors at weddings will help guide you to the right mix.

What’s the next step? Check out my wedding page (Buffalo or Rochester) to find out more about how I can help you, and your guests have the best wedding possible. Then email me at [email protected], use the short form on this page, or call me directly at 716-684-9800 today!

Here are links to some great lists for your consideration:

Want to hear some fun dance mixes, like the ones I can play at your wedding? Click the BEST WEDDING EVER link below and get your dancing shoes on!