Do you ever stop and think how you could ever plan your WNY wedding without the help of the ultimate wedding planner out there, Pinterest? Launched just over a year ago, Pinterest broke popularity records left and right by becoming the fastest growing social media site in history (and this says a lot when you compare it to the great social media giant, Facebook!). While it’s been adopted by celebrities and corporations alike, Pinterest is most widely known for its popularity among brides-to-be who are looking for the latest and greatest inspiration for their dream wedding celebrations.

In case you’re in need of a refresher course, Pinterest works as a virtual inspiration board where WNY brides-to-be, for example, can “pin” photos of elements they want to recreate at their wedding. These pins often link to a website that provides additional information on how the bride can go about having this at her own wedding. The pins can range from something as simple as a photo of a bouquet for a color scheme inspiration, to intricate directions on how you can DIY the perfect save-the-date announcements.

The emphasis on Doing-It-Yourself is what characterizes the “Pinterest Revolution” – new trends that are taking over weddings and wedding planning nationwide. Much of these trends are indeed homemade, with individual touches that represent the unique characteristics of the couple (such as bride and groom photo collages that grace table centerpieces).   On the other hand, Pinterest inspires brides-to-be to be empowered to take control when working with their own vendors. Gone are the days when a bride would have to choose from a set number of bouquet designs given by a florist, for example. Now the brides themselves are armed with ample inspiration to call the shots when it comes to working with individual vendors. No matter how nontraditional, if they want it, they’ll ask for it. Simply put, Pinterest is changing the entire business of wedding planning. It has set a uniquely personal handmade standard for WNY vendors to live up to, and has created a bridal client group armed with more personal desires than ever before.

However, some have felt this newfound Pinterest obsession in WNY and beyond to be more than a little overwhelming. A basic search for “weddings” on Pinterest provides a literally limitless amount of images a bride-to-be can browse for inspiration. For example, wedding giant The Knot has over 1,000 pins and 16,000 followers alone. Some may feel like they can’t possibly fit all of the elements they love on Pinterest into their one wedding day celebration, let alone their budget. Other more competitive brides have become worried the ideas they pin will be stolen by their follower friends for their own weddings.

Luckily, Pinterest has a solution to this problem: the arrival of “secret” pin boards in November 2012. Originally crafted with the intent to be used for secret holiday gift-giving inspiration, many brides-to-be (and non-engaged “future” brides-to-be) now use these boards for wedding pinning that is free from the risks of followers stealing their ideas or criticizing their inspiration.

For better or for worse, Pinterest is surely here to stay. It is a source of great inspiration for creative and innovative WNY weddings, and has placed the brides even more so at the center of the planning process. Make sure to head on over there and check it out – you never know what you might find!