So many inquiries come to our website with just these words.  Although it’s a question you should ask, it should not be the first or only question when shopping for a Buffalo DJ Sound System for your event.

Don’t you want to know what you are getting for what you are paying for?  Wouldn’t you like to know who you are dealing with?  Shopping for a DJ on a cost basis only is probably not the best thing you can do.  99% of the time price is associated with cost.  A cheap price usually indicates you are not getting all you need.  Consider insurance, quality of equipment, music library, time spent with you and a quality DJ/MC.  All of these cost money, but obviously protect your investment and will provide peace of mind before and during your event.  Sometimes what you save, will cost you more than you save in the end and not just in financial terms.

If you have a tight budget for your wedding or event, we recommend that you list all the components of your event in order of importance to you and your guests.  If you need to cut back, start by eliminating things at the bottom of the list.  Keep in mind that your DJ/MC will be responsible for orchestrating all the individual components of your event in addition to keeping your guests entertained during the entire evening.  How long your guests remain at your event really depends on how much fun they are having.

Speak with your DJ company on the phone.  Let them tell you what they provide.  If you are satisfied with the responses, set up a face to face appointment.  If you’re happy, sign a contract and let the fun begin!  We are your best source for DJs in Buffalo.  Signature Entertainment provides DJs in Buffalo and WNY for weddings, corporate events, dances, proms and parties.