To those of us who live in Western New York, it’s a no-brainer that it’s a great place to get married. Not only are our friends and family likely to live here too, but there are some of the best wedding vendors available at a price which is much more affordable than other parts of the country. However, many people are still surprised to hear that Western New York is such a popular wedding destination even for couples who don’t currently live in the area. If WNY couples have moved away for a new job or education, there is often something special about the area that brings them back to incorporate WNY into their big celebration.

Now, it’s understandable that the thought of planning a WNY wedding from a distance can make current brides immersed in the near-full time job of wedding planning hyperventilate at the thought of doing all the tough work from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. When you want to have the best wedding ever, it takes a lot of effort to consult with each and every one of your vendors to ensure each and every one of your desires is satisfied. So how does the 35-40% of out-of –town couples who choose WNY for their ultimate celebration plan their wedding, especially for such important aspects of the reception like entertainment?

What makes this possible is choosing a vendor (such as a DJ) who has both a history of working with out-of-town couples and the flexible capability to do so. This is the essential difference. Demonstrated experience working with these couples will be reflected in the way they do business.

If you can’t meet face-to-face when seeking potential DJs, you want to be able to rest assured in their 24/7 availability via email and phone, even for your initial consultations. Then once you have selected your DJ, it’s immensely helpful to have an extensive online catalog of songs available for you to browse and select at your leisure from home, no matter how far away home may be. From here you can select songs that must be played, songs that never will play, and set up the general timeline of your reception’s events all without any traveling required. Once you have arrived in town on your big day, it’s great to have the option to meet with your DJ face-to-face even up to a few days before your event, to avoid any big surprises on your wedding day.

When planning a WNY wedding from out of town, having an interactive online profile is the key to making the process as smooth as possible. Choosing a DJ who can make this process even easier is the best way to create the wedding of your dreams. You have a lot to worry about when planning a wedding, and you don’t need the additional stress that long-distance planning may cause. Choosing to get married in WNY is a great decision – luckily there are resources out there to help you make it the best celebration possible!