It’s important to remember a special kind of love that goes into what makes a wedding day so wonderful – it’s not just all about the love between a bride and her groom.  Long before the groom was in her life, there was another man who took center stage in a bride’s heart – her father. He was the first person to experience special milestones and bear witness to a love that truly lasts a lifetime. This is why couples take time to select the perfect song for the Father-Daughter dance – and if they do it right, there’s rarely a dry eye in the house.  Below are a few great song selections to act as the soundtrack to this newest milestone in the lives of a father and his daughter. So, get the tissues ready…and check them out.

Stevie Wonder: “Isn’t She Lovely” – This upbeat song was written about the birth of Stevie Wonder’s daughter, Aisha. While not as sappy as other selections (see below), it’s still a great choice to celebrate the joyful experience of raising a daughter.

Darius Rucker: “It Won’t Be Like This For Long” – In this song, Darius Rucker tells the story of a father who wants to stop and savor every rough moment raising a young daughter, for he knows that sooner rather than later she’ll be – you guessed it – walking down the aisle. The message is simple and important – cherish the time you have with your loved ones, even the trying moments.


Frank Sinatra – “The Way You Look Tonight” –  For those brides who want less of a tear-jerker than the previous song, this tune is a classic way for a  father to express how beautiful his daughter is in his eyes on her wedding day (and every day).


The Avett Brothers – “A Father’s First Spring” – You might not be familiar with this last selection from this North Carolina-based folk rock group, but the lyrics tell a touching story about a father’s devotion to his daughter. Just listen to the chorus: “I never lived ‘till I lived in your light, and my heart never beat like it does at the sight – of you, baby blue, God blessed your life. I do not live ‘less I live in your life.”

These are just a few of the songs you could select to represent the love between a father and his daughter on her wedding day. There are many more to choose from – make sure to take some time to sit down and listen to the lyrics to find one that is the perfect fit for your wedding.