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Sounds of Halloween Events

With a Halloween-themed wedding, the possibilities are endless. The wacky ideas for costumes and cocktails may draw your guests into your haunted celebration, but it’s the spooky sounds which will… Read more »

Ultimate Dance Party!

Come join the us at the new Fusion night club for an evening of great fun and dancing.  All of the Signature Entertainment DJs will be on hand throughout the… Read more »

Viral Dance Track Of the Year

“Gangnam Style” by Korean pop singer Psy has quickly become one of the biggest dance tracks of the year with success not only at school dances but also with adults… Read more »

Your Wedding

This can be your wedding.  An awesome dance crowd at Holimont Ski Resort on 9/22/12.  Check your date for availability to start planning your reception entertainment.  We are Buffalo and… Read more »