Very much so!  The choice is yours but here are a few hints to enhance entertainment.

Look for smaller dance floors.  It gives the appearance that it is packed and packed dance floors attract more dancers.

Facility lighting is important.  Guests tend to dance more if they feel like they are not on display.  The lower the lighting during the dance portion of the reception, the more comfortable your guests will feel dancing.

Keep your guests in the same room with you.  Facilities that have patios invite guests to leave the main room, especially on nicer evenings.  These guests will generally be the younger ones and they are the majority of your dancers.  If you want to have an outside reception, plan for it to be outside.

Make sure that your DJ is set up next to the dance floor.  It’s hard for him to interact from a distance.   Also have the facility provide a 6 or 8 foot skirted table for the dj’s equipment.

Avoid in-house speaker systems.  Most are obsolete and will not provide the quality and punch needed for your event.

Bars should be located in the main room and should be close to the dance floor.  People tend to hang out at the bar after dinner and if it is away from the main area, a good portion of your guests will be too.

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