Are you sick of the winter yet? Yeah, so are we. And as far as Western New York goes, this cold and snowy weather could keep hanging around until Mother’s Day. But that’s no excuse be stuck inside the house and hibernate until the flowers come up again! As we know in Buffalo, life goes on whether it’s 80 degrees or 8 degrees below zero outside, and getting married is no exception to this rule. The trick is to use the winter weather to your advantage and make the best out of your snowy situation to have the celebration of your life – no matter what the wind chill.


Use the beauty to your advantage. While the weather might be frustrating sometimes, there’s nothing more picturesque than a thick layer of snow on branches and buildings to make you feel like you’re walking in the middle of a magical winter village. Some adventurous couples even brave the cold for a few minutes and take their photographs right in the middle of it all – out in a snowy scene without any coats or hats to capture that perfect shot. If the thought of shivering in your bridal gown might be too much for you, you may still want to see how you can incorporate the winter beauty in your décor. Think sparkling “snow” –covered branches or evergreen wreaths as table centerpieces.

Keep that fire burning. Another  great design element to incorporate into your winter wedding is the warm glow of a fire. On dark winter days, many couples choose to use light as a symbol for not only the strength of their love, but also the promise of warmer and better days ahead in a marriage. As an added bonus, it lends a very elegant glow to any sort of wedding scene. One option is to choose a wedding venue where you can exchange vows right in front of a fireplace, or one which allows various kinds of candles to be lit around the reception area.

Remember to keep your attendants and guests warm, too! Wedding wear is not for the faint of heart in the middle of winter. Cute cocktail dresses and bridesmaids gowns are essential for the big celebration, but don’t fare well in those tough transit times in between venues! To show your appreciation, offer warm beverages in addition to the standard drinks at cocktail hour, and make sure there is a warm area where guests can store their coats before heading out into the cold. And of course, nothing warms your guests up more than a rocking party on the dance floor!

So there you have it. While we may moan and groan about WNY winters, there’s no reason why you can’t overcome the challenges to have the wedding of your dreams – no matter the season. All you need is a little creativity (and a few extra pairs of mittens) to have a beautiful celebration that rivals any wedding held in the middle of summer.