When you think of wedding receptions, it’s hard to forget about the bridal bouquet and garter toss. Whether it’s the single girls fighting over the flowers or the guys elbowing each other to catch the garter, it’s one of the most talked about reception traditions.

What many don’t know is that these ceremonies aren’t nearly as popular as they may seem. As a bride, you’re not required to have one or the other. In fact, about 50% of brides chose not to do either ceremony at all. So, if you’re trying to decide whether the bouquet and/or garter toss traditions are right for you and your wedding, here are a few things to think about:

–          All the single ladies. First and foremost, will there be enough single guys and girls at your wedding who will want to participate in the toss? If there are only three or four single guests at your wedding, some might be shy of the spotlight. But if you know you have that one single friend who is a real character, the toss may be a perfect time to get some laughs from your guests.

 –          What do YOU want? If the idea of your single guests desperately fighting over your flowers makes you cringe, that’s ok. You’re starting a new life, which means it’s ok to start your own traditions.  A new trend among WNY brides is to include ALL men and women, single or not, in the respective bouquet and garter tosses. How do they get everyone out on the floor? There’s a unique prize giveaway – the person with the lucky catch wins a gift card to a local salon or sporting goods store!

However you decide to do it- if you ultimately decide that the bouquet and/or garter toss ceremony is right for you, your next step is deciding which song to choose.  Here’s a list of some of the most popular songs used at Buffalo Weddings to help get you started.

And here’s a fun fact – back in the olden days, a bride would toss her garter to her guests because it kept her friends and family from trying to chase after her and tear off pieces of her dress (back then, getting a piece of the dress was seen as a good luck charm). While today’s bouquet & garter toss ceremonies are still the source of many laughs (check out the video below!)… if you do decide that they are right for your wedding, at least you know your dress will come out in one piece, right?!