As a current or future bride, you’ve been to a lot of weddings in your life. After watching friend after friend get married, you know the best place to stand to catch the bridal bouquet, and you can tell the difference between buttercream and fondant icing just by looking at the wedding cake. Face it – by this point, you’re practically a professional wedding guest.

So think back to the last wedding you went to. Chances are, you don’t remember the small details like flower arrangements or party favors. What stands out the most in your mind is how much you enjoyed yourself – especially on the dance floor. The work of the DJ is one of the most important factors in getting the party started, and the liveliness of the dance floor becomes one of the most memorable aspects of your wedding. Besides the food and drinks, the music and dance atmosphere the DJ works to create are the things you’re your guests will remember most. This is so important to remember when you’re planning your wedding – you want to ensure your friends and family are talking about how much fun they had on your big day for weeks afterward.

However, not just any DJ can make this happen. It is crucial to do your research and choose an experienced DJ that you can trust to help you have the wedding of a lifetime. An experienced DJ brings the knowledge of how to handle any sticky situation which may come their way. Friends too slow to get to the dance floor after dinner? Relentless Uncle Joe who won’t stop requesting the Chicken Dance? Experience matters, and will be reflected in the way a DJ handles these tough issues. Most importantly, choosing an experienced DJ allows you to relax and trust that you won’t need to worry about boring or uncomfortable moments at your reception.

Not only that, an experienced DJ knows to match your entertainment appropriately to the needs of your guests. For example, if there are a lot of young children at your wedding, you want to be able to rest assured that your music choices will be age appropriate – no curse words or innuendos allowed.

As a bride, you want to make sure that your wedding is memorable for all the right reasons. You want your guests to dance the night away. But most of all, you want the peace of mind knowing that your DJ is experienced and can deliver all of this and more. When planning your wedding, take the time to get to know your DJ – you’ll find that 15 years’ experience or more  will prove to be just enough to deal with Uncle Joe and that Chicken Dance after all.